Communicator (communicator) wrote,

fiber optic holiness-indicators

I'm linking approvingly at this festive time of year to Christian blog goingjesus. Here you will find some priceless examples of nativity scenes that are probably a little misguided; such Christmas in the village of the damned, and the birth of christ re-enacted by dogs and chickens.

Meanwhile pagan prattle links to the ugliest Christmas lights web site (a bit too dark I thought). Massive inflatable figures lit from within seem to be the In Thing this year.

I was driving my nan home through the rough part of Birmingham last night and I noticed the plethora of huge glowing inflatables, and spray-gunned lighting displays. It's common (actually it's chav), it's exuberant, and it's harmless. I get the impression that people are sharing their pleasure with their neighbours, rather than trying to out-do them. So, although I'd never do it myself, I think it's good clean Christmas fun. We laugh because we love.
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