Communicator (communicator) wrote,

To curse the darkness

The proponents of hunting promise a winter of discontent, but I'm not planning to blog about the pros and cons. Rather, I thought you might be amused to know that Janet George, the spokewoman for the pro-hunting lobby, is my ex's sister in law. In other words she's my son's auntie. She's the only person I know whose website has a list of 'enemies' - and amusingly this includes the RSPCA. You know what those bastards are like, with their kitten-loving ways.

Back in the day I visited her farm a few times. I spent a memorable Christmas there, during which she baited me about various right wing issues. But - you will be proud of me, not to say startled - I kept my lips sealed throughout. Though it was hard at times.

Janet is from Australia, though obviously in no way typical of Australians in general, and one of her key themes was that the Australian Aborigine population are not homo sapiens, but relict populations of homo erectus. I'm sorry to repeat such an offensive remark, which may be the most racist thing anyone has ever said to my face. But I was at her table, eating her food, and I knew I had to shut my mouth and chew hard.

It is hard though, isn't it, when people say things that are so badly wrong, and so harmful? I never know whether to challenge people, and thus become a nasty humourless lefty who alienates potential allies. Or to suck it up, keep my head down, and be complicit in whatever horrible remarks somebody has just made. In this instance it was an easy decision, I was accepting her hospitality, plus she was deliberately trying to get a rise out of me.

Opinions on when to challenge and when to keep quiet? I find it terribly difficult.
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