Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Good news on various fronts

Thought I'd just update on a couple of personal things I've mentioned in the past.

Anaemia - I got a prescription in the post from my doctor for some antibiotics, without any explanation. I assume my blood test results have come back, and that my anaemia is exacerbated by some infection. I guess it's a left-over from the huge infection I had following my ruptured appendix last year. I have one tablet still to take, and I am feeling quite a bit better than I have for months, but not 100% still. I'm not sure whether to go back to the docs next week for more and pinker pills.

Work - the difficulty in getting a new job is I have child care commitments, so I can't venture too far afield, and almost nowhere is as convenient as where I work now. I can cycle home in 15 minutes (when I'm not ill). I therefore had a word with the Director of Research at my current place of work, and she is intending to set up a Policy and Research overlap unit, and she warmly encouraged me to put my name forward. This sounds promising.

The panic is that it's two weeks to Christmas and I'm only today feeling like a functioning human being after a couple of months of pain and tiredness. Still, I think I'll make it in time. Oh, shit, I just remembered my tax return is two months overdue.

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