Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Free willy

The Director of the new Merchant of Venice film reports "a very curious request (from the US distributors) which said 'Could you please paint-box out the wallpaper?'. I said wallpaper, what wallpaper? This is the 16th century, people didn't have wall-paper." When he examined the scenes, he realised the letter was referring to frescoes by Paolo Veronese, the acclaimed Venetian 16th-century artist, which, when examined closely, showed a naked cupid. "A billion dollars worth of Veronese great master's frescoes they want paint-boxed out because of this cupid's willy. It is absolutely absurd,"

From Crooked Timber. The first commentator notes that 'Room With a View' (rated PG in Europe) was refused a cinema certificate in the US, due to a flash of flaccid willy in the nude bathing scene.

I'm still laughing at calling a Veronese fresco 'the wallpaper'.
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