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Panel beater

Redemption is an SF convention taking place 25-27 February in Hinckley (UK Midlands). It's a biannual convention, which was originally very Blakes-7 and Babylon-5 oriented. Now it is somewhat broader, and there's quite a bit of attention to written SF. It's unifying principle is that it is about fans, rather than stars, and active engagement rather than getting autographs etc.

A lovely feature are the panels, where fans discuss a range of SF topics. Two or three somewhat-opinionated people lead the discussion (generally) and then either field questions, or stimulate discussion in the audience. Often the audience/panel distinction breaks down.

I volunteered to be opinionated and I'm going to help out with four panels this time.

- Is telepathy possible?
- Madness and SF
- Feminism and SF
- Can a culture exist without currency?

I'm going to blog around these issues off an on between now and Feb, if I can, to pick your brains if nothing else. Also, if you think you might be interested in discussing any of these with me, and you can get along for the convention, there are still places to be had. Click on 'Redemption' for a link to the official site, and registration details.
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