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Spare the rod

Michael Berube writes satirically about the relationship between religious monoculture and physical punishment of children, a subject I feel quite strongly about ('I'm against it'). He links to Amazon who are selling a book called The Strong Willed Child by a nutcase called James Dobson. How to break your child's will by hitting them with various implements. I'm not kidding, I only wish I were. He disgusts me in the extreme. That last link is quite disturbing, sorry, but I had to make the point.

My personal feeling is that any kind of monoculture is dangerous, and when it get hijacked by wierdos like Dobson it becomes creepy and evil. Amazon reviews of this book are divided between shocked liberals with the same opinion as me ('Amazon shouldn't be selling this book') and religious loonies ('The bible enjoins us to beat our children, this book will tell you how.')

Dobson himself seems distinctly strange. Apparently in his books he recounts how his mother used to beat him with her girdle (!!!) and it 'never did him any harm'. He has also written a book about marriage. I expected this to be about husbands beating their wives, but actually it's the other way round.

In a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship, where the woman is dominant and the man is submissive, this book is a great asset for men to understand the pressures of daily life, especially if the couple has chosen to have children. (that's from an Amazon review by the way)

This is one confused and mixed up guy. I just feel sorry for the poor children trapped in this situation. And I take from this yet another lesson about how a failure by adults to confront and deal with their own sexual issues leads to the victimisation of children. Guilt and fear and shame are real feelings, and they need to be addressed, but projecting them onto children and then manhandling the kids is the wrong way to go about it. Understatement.
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