Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Carry on killing

Last night I went with H to see Performance. This is a famous British film from 1970 about a violent gangster played by James Fox, who rents the basement room of an ex-rock-star recluse Mick Jagger when hiding out following the murder of a rival. With gender-bending consequences and a fair amount of sadistic violence.

There were times during the film that I thought 'this is the best film I've ever seen', and then a few moments later I was thinking 'god, this is pretentious shit'. James Fox is very fine. As an actor, Mick Jagger makes a good singer. I see why they cast him, but I didn't dig him too much. Afterwards I said to H 'I was waiting for James Fox and Mick Jagger to get it on' (big surprise huh?) he reckons 'That's all on the cutting room floor'. ooh, I wonder if it is, and how much one would have to pay.

The film obviously had a massive impact on British films of the 1970s. I can see that Fox prefigured Michael Caine in Get Carter the following year. There were obvious references back to this film in The Long Good Friday, and funnily enough, the Rocky Horror Show. What ages the film most is the psychedelia, which doesn't travel too well. I liked the cool gangsters much more than the heroin addicts.
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