Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The worst TV program ever?

I think British TV reached an all-time low last week. There's a program called 'The Farm', which is a bit like Celebrity Big Brother, or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: micro-celebs are put through demeaning stunts and one is voted off by viewers each week. On a Farm.

One of these is a nano-celebrity called Rebecca Loos (I may have the name wrong - I'm not looking it up) whose claim to fame is that she may have had casual sex with David Beckham. In last week's episode this desperate non-entity was required to obtain a semen sample from a pig. On camera.

This event was pre-publicised for days in advance in between shows I do watch like Law and Order, so I couldn't avoid knowing about it. I go into a petrol station and the Sun's headline is something like 'Becks Ex Pig Stunt'.

Some people have suggested that naked 'Jeux Sans Frontieres' with Keith Chegwin was worse than that. But at least when I hear about that event it raises a faint smile, rather than a feeling of contamination.
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