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Important elections through history

People have been saying that this US election coming up may be the most important the world has ever seen. Perhaps we won't know until after. If Bush gets in, and if the US turns away from democracy, to some kind of plutocracy or uber-militarism, then we will know it was important. If Bush gets in, but doesn't do anything too way-out, then we'll know it wasn't. If Kerry gets in then we'll never know.

What other elections, world wide, have been of global significance? The election which brought Hitler to power is perhaps #1. happytune rightly points to the first multiracial elections in South Africa, as a demonstration of how ethnic hatred can be contained and overcome.

I think the most significant election in Britsh history was the one which brought Atlee in in 1945. His gov't instituted the NHS, gave independence to India, and established the whole structure of the postwar consensus. The second most significant was the Thatcher victory of 1979 which destroyed it. The third the Liberal victory of 1909 which stripped the House of Lords of Power and introduced the Old Age Pension.

Please disagree, or offer other suggestions

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