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Code 46

A few weeks ago I was saying how I hated Science Fiction romance, in fact that the very concept was repulsive. I went to see Code 46 last night, and I thought the SF and the love story fitted together well. It's a low budget film, directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Tim Robbins (whom I adore) and Samantha Morton (who I also like). The story is a bleaker version of 'Lost in Translation' kinda. Slow in the same way that film is.

Oh, and there's a good joke in it. they are in a karaoke bar, and someone starts singing 'Should I Stay or Should I Go', which seems a bit heavy-handed. Then the camera pans over, and it's Mick Jones from The Clash singing! I laughed out loud, but alas no-one else in the cinema did, so I felt like a twit.

I think a good thing about non-realist fiction is that it can develop and concretise metaphor, and so deal more freely with subjects that are important to us. This was a good example of that. The film used SF devices to explore metaphors of sex and love.

For example, towards the end the 'corporation' infect her with a virus so that she is frightened of sexual contact with him, but she decides to go through with it anyway. So there is this scene which is disturbing and very explicit, where they have sex with her tied up. And I think this is a way of giving expression to the ambiguity anyone might feel about intimacy; that it is frightening, but also compelling. And it makes that 'tying up' thing, which would otherwise be very safe, a bit less afe.

On the other hand I thought the film, while trying to be modern, expressed rather conventional attitudes to sex. In the explicit sex scenes we see just the woman. There is a close up of her crotch but not of his. We see her thrashing about saying I love you, but not him.

Why not? I wish they would start making films about heterosexual sex which were a bit more like real life, with the men losing it just as much as the women do. That really would be pushing the boundaries.

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