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Pulp Fiction

Here are some ravishing pulp fiction paperback covers, conveniently arranged by genre.

And here are some straplines.

Bayou Babe - She was a teaser to end all teasers - but she didn't stop at teasing!
Beatnik Wanton - She lusted in sin orgies and reefer brawls!
Born for Sin - Her life was a hopeless slide into a nightmare of lust!
Farm Girl - She lived like a wicked, little animal
Flowers and Flesh - When hippies hold a sin-in, it's all -
Harlem Model - She was tall, tan, torrid and too hot to handle
Hot Dam - The woods had gone wild with murderers, salacious Scots, and kidnapers in kilts
The Lewd Angel - She was soft and pink, and very eager - like a present wrapped in ribbon and waiting to be opened
The Lust Pigs - Every alley was a passion hangout for -
Motel Girl - Any man could have her, but she chose a lesbian paradise
Naked on Roller Skates - An unscrupulous rake - an all-wise young lady - an unexpected love affair
Nude on Thin Ice - A red-hot hellcat in the frozen night - and murder on the prowl!
Reform School Girl - A shameful led her there - scarlet secrets kept her there
Swamp Hoyden - They spoke of her in whispers!
The Tainted One - Men wanted her - but she wanted women!
Tainted Passions - Her kisses set them at each other's throats
Television Tramp - She traded honor for success
Warped Women - Helpless wretches - stripped by strange emotions of all restraint and decency - would they ever again know real love?
Without Consent - He found her young - wild - ravishing - a creature meant for love - but marked taboo
Young and Innocent - They were twilight lovers in the world between the sexes

From Vitamin Q .

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