Communicator (communicator) wrote,

In the field of human combat

I am a big fan of Peter Richardson, TV writer and director responsible for two iconic moments of the 1980's: Robbie Coltrane walking into the sea with a chainsaw and cutting a yacht to pieces in 'Supergrass' and (a bit more specialist) Richardson snogging Keith Allen in a thong and boots in 'The Bulshitters'. Of the latter clip H commented 'you can wear out a video tape doing that you know'.

He also of course played Al Pacino playing Arthur Scargill in 'The Strike', about the Hollywoodisation of British History. His new film 'Churchill: the Hollywood Years' is on the same theme. I wonder whether it will be any good or not. I get the impression Christian Slater doesn't really get it, but that could add to the humour, possibly. I do so want it to be a good 'un. With the snogging thing if possible.
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