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According to New Scientist, your name has an impact on how attractive you are to the opposite sex.

"Men with names including front vowels,such as the 'aaa' sound in Matt were rated as more attractive than those with back vowel names, such as the 'aw' sound in Paul. The opposite was true for women’s names (damn - ed). Vowels produced in the front of the mouth, are often perceived as smaller than those produced in the back of the mouth. It may seem counterintuitive that men named with the smaller-sounding front vowel are rated as more attractive. But other studies have shown that men with slightly feminine features are considered more desirable, [ it may be linked to that]. But having too feminine a name could backfire for men as those with women’s names were rated least attractive. However, having a man’s name such as Bob had no negative effect on a woman’s attractiveness."
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