Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Worst book ever?

I read the Da Vinci Code last time I went on holiday, round Easter time.

I love populist writing. I get quite cross when people dismiss writers like Stephen King out of hand. I could reel off a bunch of low brow writers that I enjoy: Alistair Mclean for example, or HP Lovecraft. I totally dig attacks on the establishment, and attacks on the religious establishment get extra points.

I've read a massive number of trashy paperbacks on the Holy Grail and Dark Mysteries and UFOs. I read the Fortean Times every damn month. I love this stuff. I subscribe to a a livejournal community about crackpot theories. I should be #1 demographic for a book like this.

But even in this context, the Da Vinci Code is the worst book I have ever read. The writing is poor, the characterisation and plotting are abysmal. I thought my standards were low, but hell, this is the pits. The lead character is such an obvious male Mary Sue - he laughs in a self deprecating way as he is compared to Harrison Ford, on page 2. All the puzzles and mysteries are moronic and illogical, and the 'revelations' are old hat.

Anyway, here is an article in the Guardian expressing the opposite point of view, and saying people like me are snobs. That's usually my line.
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