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The medium is the message

Further to my last post where I said 'if we don't speak for ourselves who will?' Here is something that livejournal can do so well. This post from misia where she has provided a safe space for abuse survivors to tell their stories.

I have closed down comments on this post. No further comments on this post will be displayed. It has received close to one thousand comments in a little over 24 hours thus far... I apologize to anyone who wanted to add a comment here in solidarity and in witness to their own strength and survival.

This thousand-person comment blizzard an example of the sort of multi-user discourse which was impossible before the new technology. Most analyses of blogging concentrate on the 'big bloggers' - the nodes in the communication network (such as Atrios or Instapundit). But I think there is another way in which blogging works, which is by creating a widely-spread net of millions of small blogs. It just couldn't have existed a few years ago, partly because nothing was quite as easy to use as livejournal, so people with limited specialist knowledge were excluded. Anyway, I wonder what type of long term effects this opening up of communication will have.

EDITED to add - the 'slogan' of the post that I referenced is no pity, no shame, no silence: just thought I ought to make clear I am not pitying the women and men who commented, I'm applauding them.

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