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This is the one weekend a year that my children are both away from home. They are in Lyme Regis with my ex (as in ex since the 1980's) and my sister's ex (as in ex for two months). I'm going down there soon to pick up my daughter and my sister's daughter.

Next week the two girls are doing 'own a pony for a week' at our local stables. They go there all day every day and care for the ponies, muck them out, ride them, groom them. The week after that they go somewhere else and my son comes home. This is what it's like when you are a parent, you embed youself in a network of other parents and spend the summer shuttling youngsters around, so that they don't get bored and you can continue to hold down a job. Phew.

Yesterday H and I went for a cycle in the Peak District. Then we went to a party to celebrate gfk88 getting his PhD in Very Hard Sums. His girlfriend had hired a hall, and hung it with fairy lights and cut-out numbers. Mucho food and drink and lots of happy smiling faces. Had a great time.

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    My book is now for sale

  • LJ Settings

    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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