Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sick and evil

A long and rather disturbing metafilter discussion about child abuse at Abu Ghraib. I apologise for banging on about this subject. It may all prove to be so much hot air, but I have this creeping feeling that something desperately bad is happening.

I have a good, childhood friend in the Pentagon who was in that room for the screening. He called me that night and said he wouldn't tell me any details because he didn't trust himself to keep from breaking down, as he nearly had after he got back to his office after seeing the footage. He simply said, "think of your worst nightmare of what soldiers could be doing to women and children. Well, that's what I watched today."

I hope very strongly that I am mistaken, that I've been a gullible fool, and we all look back and think 'remember when she kept posting those stupid abuse stories that all proved to be false'.

if you wonder why formerly gung-ho rightist congressmen like James Inhofe ("I'm outraged more by the outrage") have gone so quiet, it is because they have seen the stuff and you have not. (That's from pro-war Christopher Hitchens)

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