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Is this the right room for an argument?

An excellent post on Green Fairy, by guest blogger 'The Destructor'. He is talking about the ideal of wifely surender and submission, and how contemplating that kind of relationship makes you feel a kind of horrified disgust.

"I can see the appeal of a partner who didn't disagree or fight, made it their life's mission to look after me, put their needs aside in deference to my own. But that appeal is a thin surface of oil floating on an ocean of disgust, and would last about five-to-ten minutes. I don't think relationships should be wholly harmonious. I think you learn more about someone you care about in a good 30-minute fight than you would after a week of harmony. I need, we all need, someone who challenges us and has that spark in their eye that lets us know we're interacting with someone as strong-willed and capable as we are... A partner we don't connect with: that's horrible, and we've all experienced it, at one time or another. Hard to believe it was, and still is, an ideal many men strive for. They're who we are fighting against.

I don't think people in general make enough of this. For those in a relationship, the quality of that relationship is a big determiner of joy or sorrow in life. I may not be a massive connoisseur of affairs of the heart, but surely that's the business: 'interacting with someone as strong-willed and capable as you are' once you've had that who would settle for anything else?

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