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Check out the big brain on Brad

Prospect magazine are asking you to vote on Britain's top 'public intellectuals'. You can see the bizarre list of candidates here, plus instructions on how to vote.

You are allowed to pick five from the list, plus one 'bonus ball' nomination not on the list. Despite my massive reservations about the list, about Prospect magazine (crypto-conservative IMHO) and the general concept of the intellectual, I decided to vote as follows:

My votes:

Eric Hobsbawm
Mary Midgely
Richard Dawkins
James Lovelock
Karen Armstrong

Bonus ball

Stephen Hawking (why wasn't he on the original list?)

I didn't pick them for being always right but for making ideas that are of world-wide importance accessible and interesting. OK I picked Hobsbawm because he's a commie, but that was the only one.

EDIT - Why isn't Tim Berners-Lee on the list?
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