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An interview with the writer who is turning 'Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy' into a film. Considering that he interviews himself, he gives himself a very hard time. Lots of swearing tsk.

A few concerns:

let’s get the first horror out of the way immediately. I had never read the book or any Douglas Adams before I was told of this assignment

Mostly assuaged:

I started with Douglas’s last draft, so I not only had the new ideas and concepts he had invented specifically for the screenplay (brilliant ideas, too -- truly humbling)... My goal in the writing was to be like an editor on a feature film. If an editor has done his job well, you don’t feel his or her presence.

Incidentally - and nothing to do with HHGTTG, I sometimes feel I'm not cut out to be a writer because:

One of my favorite quotes about writing is "I hate writing, I love having written." This seems to be my mantra, and I have hated, loathed or dreaded writing just about every draft I’ve ever been involved with, mostly because writing is such a lonely and demoralizing process.

It is reassuring that somebody who makes his bloody living out of it feels like this too.


"More has been made of the Arthur/Trillian/Zaphod triangle. "

Hmmm. Triangle?

And finally, here is Martin Freeman's website.

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