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grown up bits

I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban. I think it's brilliant, much better than the previous two. I only really like the grown-up bits of the Harry Potter films, though I don't mind the rest. Anyway, the grown up bits in this one are superb. Alan Rickman as Snape continues to be quite delicious; Gary Oldman, though he only materialises towards the end, is brooding and dangerous; and David Thewlis is a total revelation. He elevates the role of Lupin. I fell in love with this teacher.

I also thought the rendition of the world, both straight and magical, was refreshingly new. Chamber of Secrets suffered from repeating but not extending the fey atmosphere of Philosophers' Stone (I thought). This film gives us a damper, colder, more mutable world. The enigmatic standing stones reminded me of Spirited Away, in fact.

But, there is one question you will expect me to address. Sirius and Lupin - any romantic subtext? Hell, yes. I know I always say that but - well, you go and see it and judge for yourself. I thought it was delicately and charmingly done, without imposing on children in the audience.
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