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treats for SF fans

Free ultra-quality SF to download: the 2004 Hugo Award nominees. You can download every shortlisted Novella, Novellette and Short Story nominated for this prestigious award. I think I'll download this lot and perhaps review them on the blog over the next week or so?

You might be interested in the nominees for Long and Short drama for this year:

28 Days Later
Finding Nemo
The Return of the King
Pirates of the Caribbean
X2: X-Men United

"Chosen" Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards
"Heart of Gold" Firefly
"The Message" Firefly
"Rosetta" Smallville

Think I'd better get me that Firefly on DVD

It is also interesting to look (further down the same page) at the 'retrospective awards' (with benefit of hindsight) for 1953. It was a good year: Farenheit 451, Childhood's End, More than Human (that would be my choice), A Case of Conscience, the Nine Billion Names of God (the latter downloadable). And in 'Long Drama': 'The Thing from Outer Space' though I perfer John carpenter's 1982 version.
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