Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sad twits

The phenomenon: A person posts a reference to a TV show or person in their blog ('did you see Oprah last night?') and then the comments section fills up with a load of illiterate people who think they are talking directly to Oprah (or whoever). Unbelievable that people are so dumb.

I got this from a metafilter discussion. Is this something you have noticed? I have never seen it before.

A few examples:

people think they are writing to chatshow host here
people think they are applying to be on a show where old cars are restored here
people think they are writing to Bill Gates here (this is one of many)
people think they are writing to a porn star here(particularly choice are the gallant gents who call her a 'dumb slut')

EDIT - I feel guilty about mocking some of these people who are quite young or tragic, so sorry. But read the thread about the car show, some of those are hilarious.
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